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These are the signs of lash-making.

Are you that Zodiac Freak?

Push those horoscope memes aside and make space for lashes that even the stars can see 


 Beauty, undefined.

There is beauty in each and every thing we encounter and I like to think it's revealed through our senses. Most would identify beauty as simply just what they see- what's visually appealing to them, but beauty can be expressed through smell, touch, hearing, and taste, too. Throughout our lifetime, our perceptions of what we find beautiful may change, change is inevitable, but change is good. I invite you to challenge your idea of beauty- not to sway you from one side of the spectrum to another, but to really embrace beauty as this undefinable construct - open to interpretation where not one interpretation holds more value than the other.  My goal for is to not only provide unique products that I love and believe are beautiful, but to provide a platform where other small black businesses can showcase their beautiful work - a place where we can grow together- opening our hearts and minds to embrace the beauty in feeling, and not solely the visual. 

Welcome to, beauty, undefined.



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